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  1. ok, there's always groupme chat app that's very easy to set up as well Excited for the league!
  2. I'd join. Looking for around $50-75 entry
  3. I might be interested. Is it a slow draft or auction? I can't do live drafts. Thanks Al
  4. I am looking for an auction league as well. Super fun on couch managers. I prefer CBS leagues with a 70ish entry
  5. Any spots available? Would like to have a look. Invite to apots5@yahoo.ca if spots available. Thanks
  6. Hello, We have a new Guillotine league set up on sleeper bot. No site fees and we have 6 of 10 owners in place. Looking to fill last 4 spots. $500 winner take all pot. Let me know if anyone is interested Post here if interested
  7. Hi, I may be interested in joining. Will this be a salary cap type league. Minor league rosters? Is there a constitution yet?
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