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  1. I would make the switch for Kuzma or Nance if I'm a Bro-lo owner. He's pretty useless and it won't get any better. Not in this logjam. This dude is f*cking terrible.
  2. He's been flat out exceptional so far. No other way to put it. Just exceptional. Ignore the butthurt. It's pretty pathetic.
  3. Dafaq does this even mean? Speak proper English next time please.
  4. This kid is already 10x better than this trash can at center we exchanged D'Angelo Russell for. At pick 27. Tragic.
  5. Watching this dude causes internal and external pain. Absolute hot dog water. Should've stayed in Brooklyn.
  6. Damn lol. Hopefully J-Rich stays healthy this season. I see a big season ahead of him.
  7. Because I'm actually a Lakers fan and I actually watch the Lakers.
  8. Now you're trolling lol. Name 1 thing Ingram's good at. 1.
  9. Lol. He has the versatility to play at the 2, 3, and 4. Don't be salty you missed out
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