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  1. Does anyone like the Philly better here? It's a points league. Whir
  2. Thank you for the responses. Does anyone like Adrian Morejon? I'm thinking no for now
  3. Yes thank you. What about Avisail Garcia? He’s available
  4. Dynasty, who would you rather roster? I have Narvaez but I kind of want to carry two catchers
  5. I'm a big Wander fan and I have him too. ^ That's a good answer, but you're going for the right player. I'm a Yankee fan and I expect him to be better than Gleyber almost right away when he comes up. Make the trade more even, that is kind of nuts after the rookie season Paddack just had. Especially in a 20 team league
  6. Anyone have any idea if he will play next season?
  7. He fouled a ball off his knee, I doubt it is going to ruin his career
  8. What if I had to throw in Kopech to get Trout and JD M
  9. I have Narvaez but is he going to play or is he injured? I was thinking about dropping Nick Anderson for a RP that is getting saves. Or should I hold and not drop him? WHIR
  10. Where is Sean Murphy? He's not even available in the ESPN player pool
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