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  1. H2H points league, which side wins? WHIR
  2. Yeah I agree with everything you said. I dropped Giles (who I like but isnt going to get consistent minutes, yet) for him. Think he can be a solid contributer in points and maybe a few rebounds. Blocks would just be a bonus. He was easily the best player on the floor after THJ and Kanter last night. Let's see if he keeps getting minutes.
  3. Saw there hasn't been a thread started on him. Undrafted rookie, but looked really good in the preseason, and got 26 min in the opener, posting 15 points 4 rbs, 2 blks. He's technically on a 2 way deal, but Fizdale loves him calling him their best one on one defender and a "walking bucket." That combined with the minutes he got in the opener, makes me think he sticks and has a legit role. How we feeling about his potential? Also...there was this:
  4. KD probable for Thursday; as is Draymond. Klay possible for this weekend. What impact we think this has on Cook? At a minimum, I think expectations might need to be tempered... source: Warriors beat writer
  5. O_O He was dropped in my league. Could be risky, but im taking the chance; dropping Harkless for him.
  6. doing the same. wouldn't surprise me if Collins misses the whole week.
  7. Anyone streaming this dude this week with Collins being out? Highly considering it...
  8. Welp...this just made my drop decision super easy...
  9. How yal feel about Wayne Ellington? Wade out tonight, Justice questionable...
  10. Anybody that has him and is in the playoffs holding, or is he a drop with this knee injury and potential rest?
  11. you were awfully close, Clarkson and Nance. I think its the same impact for Kuz tho, who I was thiisssssss close to dropping. Kuz (semi)freed now?
  12. Your'e gonna lose blocks and fg% big time, but you upgrade everywhere else, so if you can afford the missing blocks I think you definitely do this. help?
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