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  1. I'm perfectly ok with starting TL and him busting ..I'm not ok with benching TL and him booming
  2. wait I thought Tomlin hated Conner and the RW forums figured it out by piecing together lip syncs and eye rolls on the sideline
  3. once KC gets into FG range they convert every 3rd down and if they somehow dont it'll be 4th and inches so they'll go for it
  4. scroll to the week LF got picked up for peanuts for some funny posts
  5. I traded Claypool week 1 for a 2021 2.1 and 3.1 pick ..but feel like I coulda got more now ..
  6. As a Rojo owner - he's basically Christine Michael (RIP goat)
  7. best case negative scenario ..at least we won't start
  8. Can you help me analyze the hand off play? how did you specifically know Rojo thought it was another play?
  9. is this just an opinion stated as a fact or any sources to confirm?
  10. yup and Wentz missed him on a 50 yard REC TD last week .
  11. He was in a 50/50 split with Carson before injury
  12. 22 points from Andrews because of a terrible team having a Brees/Kamara stack sigh
  13. damn thanks for the video of his first preseason snaps as a rookie that was sick
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