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  1. A guy who plays 3 times a week at best hitting in the bottom of the lineup, sign me up
  2. As seen from the usage, that is what he is, a 5th OF who if tough to roster depending on your format
  3. Does anyone have Wittgren over Clase still? After seeing Clase, man, that is what they look like! Staumont has not pitched this year but still think he is behind Barlow, no?
  4. Gonna be a headache to own all year with the Pujols retirement celebration and Maddon platooning
  5. For the snake guys, what are you liking? I was mocking a lot in the 1-6 range and loving it, tried some later spots and hated it at first but honestly seems to really work well after a bit
  6. Left my big on off my list a few posts up and I honestly do not think it is super bold Ty France reminds us of how much we loved Dan Uggla for a few years and hits 35 HR this year and those who drafted them in their MI spot are hospitalized becasue they cannot stop smiling!
  7. So if someone had hours each morning and some in the afternoon in dailys they would gain a huge advantage over those who do not, v.s. weekly?
  8. Eugenio Suarez breaks AROD's SS HR record and hits 58 home runs Shohei Ohtani wins the AL MVP and has a 5 combined WAR from hitting/pitching Red Sox surprise all with 93 wins, an AL East title and Eduardo Rodriguez wins AL CY Freddy Peralta is the best Brewer SP Logan Gilbert wins ROY and ends the year a top 25 SP Alex Reyes ends the season as the best closer in baseball
  9. What are you thoughts? I have never done daily, gonna try one this year
  10. The more I started thinking about it, especially in big money league, why would anyone leave fates up to a snake draft when draft position is not known when you buy in vs having an auction you can literally pay for whomever you want, if you have the money What do you think?
  11. $500 Buy in League Safe majority payout 1st - $3200 2nd - $1800 3rd - $1000 AL/NL LIVE yahoo Draft Sunday March 28th 4:30 PM Eastern Daily Lineup changes FAAB runs twice a week Unlimited trades and adds, trades voted on my league, 4 objections allowed 5x5 -AVG,HR,RBI,R,SB // ERA,WHIP,WIN,SV,SO C 1B 2B SS MI 3B CI OF OF OF OF OF OF U U P P P P P P P P P Bench 8 DL 2
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