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  1. I live On Long Island. Can you send me more details. snooginz@optonline.net. I am also looking for 1 replacement owner. Live draft. Roto, keepers, minors, 12 team, auction, followed by 7 man snake
  2. I may be interested. When would draft be? I also have an opening for a live auction draft. Roto, Keepers, Minors, Dail changes. Draft on Long island March 17th
  3. I need 1 for a live auction draft. keepers, roto, minors. Draft would be on Long island. March 17th. Just in case you live around here
  4. Roto league with 7 hitting categories & 6 pitching categories. You have a 30 man roster plus a 5 man minor league roster. We have a standard 23 man auction with $260 to spend. Followed by a 7 man snake draft. You can keep up to 7 players from the previous season’s roster. You could decide to keep less. The price for the keeper would go up $5 dollars from the previous season. So if you had Mookie Betts for $10, you could keep him for $15. (an obvious bargain) The standard prices you see in draft research would need to be adjusted due to many players being kept for less than their book value. The 5 man minor league roster would carry over too. These players can be anybody from veteran pitchers to Single A players. The idea behind the minor league roster is to get some players who may be a year or 2 away, but it can be whomever you want. 1 guy took Bryce Harper & he sat on his minor league roster for 4 years. The catch with the minor league roster is once you bring him up to your 30 man roster, you cannot bring him back down. Each position has a game limit of 162. You can make daily lineup changes if you want but you cannot exceed 162, Hitting is usually tough to get to the 162 but pitching can be filled out quick if you keep rotating starters. I found that is not the best strategy to do that, but some teams have tried it. //// I will send another email with the 2 rosters that need new owners. These teams did finish towards the bottom last year so the roster may not be as loaded We do a live draft. It is at a friend’s house in Farmingdale. Shooting for a 10”00am start on Saturday, March 17th. St Patty’s $150 league fee along with another $20 for site fees & auctioneer. We use someone to keep track of the bidding. /////// Just trying to give you as much info so you can decide if this league works for you. Email me back with any questions.
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