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  1. I wouldn't worry about playing time, it's going to be a long time before/if the Yankees can get healthy. Even at full strength it's likely Gardner that loses playing time not Frazier.
  2. KC pen looking to be a dumpster fire that's for sure, hard to make much sense of anything based on usage today. Box did get the job done though so would assume he gets the next chance.
  3. I think I'd prefer the Lamb, Davis, Soria.
  4. Reed it is, thanks. The worst part is this is a $100 yahoo pro league so you would think you would think the competition would be better than this. Aaron Sanchez also just dropped in this league as well by a different guy, certainly some nice talent hitting the wire...
  5. Benintendi was inexplicability dropped in my one my leagues, H2H 12 team 5x5 standard redraft, but I'm struggling to figure out who to drop to pick him up (#2 waiver claim so I may not win). My roster is below, I'm leaning between Addison Reed and Jacob Barnes as the drop, though obviously would like more info on the Brewers closing situation. I generally prefer a one man bench with h2h let alone three but I just don't see anyone on my offense I'm willing to drop for him outside maybe Ender Inciarte, but even then I figure thats a bad idea as i assume I could get a decent pitcher if I trade
  6. I think I'd take that trade, not expecting a bounceback from Cueto this year, and it's still early enough in the year that you should be able to replace Kela's saves without too much difficulty.
  7. Pujols and the Brian (Pujols and Brian Dozier, playing off Pinky and the Brain from Animaniacs)
  8. To be fair the whole team looked pretty bad against Gonzalez last night.
  9. I knew catching was very shallow this year, but was floored when I went to my wavier wire for a fill in and saw the absolute garbage that was left (12 team 1 catcher league). I've had to play catcher roulette before, but geez the back end of catchers are even uglier then I realized this year.
  10. If its any consolation my team is doing even worse on both sides of the ball. Batting .108 with 4 runs, 4 rbi, 1 hr and one sb. As for my pitching... just as bad if not worse. 23 innings pitched, 9.39 era, 1.61 whip, 1 w, 1 sv, 17 ks. Apparently it's too much to ask to have even one my starters to pitch a good game, and that's with my top 3 guys having pitched (Cuento, Tanka, Quintana). Only three days in but quite the hole to dig out of already.
  11. How do you add a player directly to the DL from free agency on Yahoo? I'm not seeing any option when I try to add Ramos.
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