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  1. From what I understand about the Coors Hangover, it's moving from Coors to other stadiums and back that messes with you, adjusting to how pitches break there vs in their away games. I could be wrong about that but a few guys left Coors and were still good players. Matt Holliday and DJ LeMahieu come to mind. I think Nolan is a good enough ball player to adjust to a new environment and still put up solid numbers.
  2. Definitely prefer Riley because I see Edman as more of a util guy. He's fine to plug and play but I need more from my 3b position. Depending on the price for Riley I'd try to get him. Although, it's not something you have to rush into. Vlad will still have 3B eligibility for the entire year so you could wait and see if he gets enough starts there to keep it for 2022 or try to find a replacement later in the year or next offseason. Thanks for the input on mine.
  3. Still not sure if this deal is on the table for you or if you're considering sending the offer but you may have the sweeten the deal a bit to get the job done, but if that isn't the case take the deal.
  4. You new here? Rush gives terrible advice. To OP I think its a competitive team, just gotta focus on some things in the draft. SP and OF as for your last 3 keepers, I'd go with lux, tork, and skubal.
  5. I currently have 2 trades on the table, both for the same player, need some help valuing these deals. 14 team dynasty (20/26 mlb keepers, 30 milb) categories and keepers are in my sig. 1st deal: I send Nimmo, Issac Paredes, Gage Workman I receive Joe Musgrove (could possibly get a milb guy or a pick back) 2nd deal: I send Nimmo and Jordan Balazovic I receive Spencer Howard and Jazz Chisolm Both of these deals intrigue me. I don't feel like I'm giving up too much for either one, but Nimmo is slated to be my OF3/Util bat so I'd have to find a repl
  6. I highly doubt they traded for a long reliever. I think he'll be the no 4 guy and morejon will fill that 6th starter/LR role.
  7. Joe Musgrove has a new home and it's a good one. He somewhat broke out in a shortened 2020 with a 3.86 era and a 12.48 k/9, albeit in only 39.2 IP. He did have the highest bb/9 of his career (3.63) but likely because of his change in pitch mix. He lowered his FB usage, which isn't a great offering, and started relying more on his breaking pitches. The spin rates on both his slider and curveball increased making them even better than they already were. What are everyones thoughts on Musgrove this season? Does he build on a solid 2020 or will be go back to being a 4+ era 8 k/9 guy?
  8. So what's the rest of the infield look like? Cavan at 3b and Vlad at 1b?
  9. Given your SS situation I'd go Newman
  10. Tough. Workman and Gallegos are pretty close to me, difference is Workman starts the year with the job but Gallegos has better stuff. I like Anderson the most of the bunch, his stuff is legit but I'm not sure how tight of a hold he has on the closer role, there's a few other good arms in that pen. I would say go with the Workman deal.
  11. Hey guys, I have 1 keeper spot to fill and need some advice. My current keepers are in my sig (20 mlb, 30 minors). The league is a 14 team h2h 7x7, categories are also in sig. Options for last keeper spot: Kolten Wong - Pros - Semi broke out last year, ran more than any of his previous years. I think this can be attributed to Matheny no longer being in STL. Cons - I have La Stella, Hiura, and Dubon at 2b, don't really need to fill the position. Domingo Santana - Pros - Could have a big role in Cleveland, need another OF bat. Cons - Will he produce? I'm still chasing his n
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Nick's rankings are just that, rankings, not adp. The guys some posters feel are too high may end up being draft day bargains.
  13. Anyone starting him today after missing a few weeks on the IL?
  14. He's only started 4 games this year. His 2 blowups were first starts back from dl stints. I dont understand why hes a "bench until he's good" guy right now. I'm starting with confidence, and if I'm wrong I'm wrong, but hes a stud and I start my studs.
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