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  1. DL or IL or whatever they will call the COVID list for a guy who is out due to COVID
  2. Keeper/pseudo dynasty style league that I am in has begun talking on how we will handle COVID IR. Currently we limit the number of adds a team can make per week to 4. How are some other leagues handling COVID and the IR?
  3. Send Michael Thomas receive OBJ and Chris Carson im out of contention, in full rebuild and would be able to keep OBJ for next season only and Carson if he pans out for 3 more. I would only be able to keep Thomas for 2 more seasons. Full point PPR
  4. What type of return should you expect for Judge at this point? 6x6, use actual players salary to keep. Once they become FA in actual MLB they are returned for blind bid. Not asking for players by name, just an idea of the type of player
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