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  1. hi.. we have 11 paid... just waiting for one more to pay... if anyone can jump in and pay then its yours... drop me an email - brendinho@hotmail.com
  2. You can kick me out & let the other guy in.

    I thought it was PPR, if not I will play but not my favorite

  3. this league filled from 0 to 12 in 45 mins flat... if anyone doesnt pay in soon, i will look out here for anyone that can jump in there and pay into leaguesafe... cheers!
  4. only 3 spots left!... im going to send out the leaguesafe invites now... so if you want to confirm your place, please pay straight away, otherwise i will be taking anyone ready to pay into the league instead... https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3953233 cheers
  5. Hi all im going to see if we can gather 12 for a last chance league... I have a seen a thread overflowing with people wanting to join, so going to see if there are 12 out there for a new league... things have to move quite quick... I will see if we can get 12... if it’s looking likely then I’ll fire up leaguesafe and we need payments in quickly to confirm your place. the details. 12 team. ESPN. Snake draft. 630 est tonight. *superflex!*... everything else is standard setting. prize split... 1 = 210. 2 = 100. 3 = 50 https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?lea
  6. Hi. I’ll play and can pay immediately... let me know. cheers! brendinho@hotmail.com
  7. Hi. I’ll play and can pay immediately... let me know. cheers! brendinho@hotmail.com
  8. https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=937479&inviteId=4cafcf74-b29d-4d2f-aa5e-320e9ccea13b Two spots available leaguesafe. $50 Snake draft sept 5th standard apart from this is super flex league. first come first serve! brendinho@hotmail.com
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