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  1. Seeking a casual but active manager for an orphaned team in our friendly ESPN league. Inherited top players include Kershaw, Machado, Springer, Judge. Buy-in this year around $150 but still to be voted on in group chat. 6-9 keepers this year for returning teams but you as the newcomer can keep fewer and draft earlier. Arozarena is on already waivers, plus the players the other 11 teams will soon drop gives you many options to compete right away. More info: emersonob@gmail.com
  2. Great thanks. I posted a question on the message board on ESPN if you have a chance to take a look.
  3. Assuming this is not a dynasty, you probably don't need to hang on to so many prospects. Sixto, Keller, and Hays for example, and King Felix I'm sad to say may not be ownable in a 12-team anymore. You are in a daily league and can dress six RP/day, so I'd say own at least seven closers/set-up men and stream them when your starters aren't starting in your P slots. Grab Keone Kela immediately. Best of luck, Todd.
  4. My initial thought is the top six as well, but c-mart more because I feel pitching will be thin and I pick 14&15th on the wheel. Maybe I hang onto devers and chance it... thanks for the help!
  5. Had a good draft last season but am now stuck with tough decisions. 14-team H2H 7x7 categories. I can keep 6 forever without salary implications. (Yes I've tried trading but nothing yet.) F. Freeman J. Altuve F. Lindor C. Bellinger C. Martinez R. Hoskins K. Jansen R. Devers M. Sano
  6. For me it's Kela, today anyway he looks more likely to close. I agree with the above that Hader is the one to drop.
  7. For me, your five are (not in order): Josh Donaldson Eric Hosmer Whit Merrifield Kyle Schwarber Lance Mccullers I like Marwin and Candelario for this year, but would avoid Braun and am very much redraft-and-see with Smoak. Super-high on Merrifield; be sure he's in there. Best of luck!
  8. Keep Freeman unless you're super cash-strapped.
  9. Hi, I'm Todd. I run a free 14-team H2H (14 categories) keeper league. 25-man roster plus two MiLB; you can keep up to 12 players plus two MiLB. I'm looking for a manager to take over an existing team, last year's reigning championship team in fact! We play on ESPN. We live in Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario.
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