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  1. What's your email, dm is fine if that's what u prefer, I'll send Invite.
  2. Looks like it's going to be espn , what's your email? Dm is fine whatever u prefer, I'll send invite
  3. Will do just waiting for more interest. Thanks
  4. I've been looking to find one that's works for me. So I was thinking about creating one if anyone is interested. Would do leaguesafe, prefer espn but yahoo can be done. Points or cats would be fine. Let me know whos down and I'll set something up.
  5. Just started looking for owners. It'll randomized an hr before draft
  6. Espn 14 Teams H2H Points League Safe $35 Draft When Full Please Leave Email For Invites
  7. Trying to find out aaha can u get in and paid up ?
  8. Have 12 confirmed in have waiting on to accept to get in
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