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  1. I actually don't hate it. I think Smyly is a high variance player who can be stuck in the pen if necessary and it being a 1 year deal doesn't really carry a significant amount of risk. $11 MM isn't *that* much in terms of 2020 baseball salaries and he's the #5 with alternatives in place. Honestly, I like the deal and think it's reasonable.
  2. Charlie Morton to Atlanta, 1/$15 Fried/Soroka/Anderson/Morton/Smyly with Wright and Wilson in the wings is looking way better than last year
  3. Much less difficult with the first two already done.... but I do agree. Braves win this thing if they can take one of the next two. If they lose the next two it's going to be a dogfight that probably goes 7 and advantage swings back to the dodgers because of their pitching depth. I do think there's a reasonable chance the braves could take one of the next two though... we've seen more than once their offense is capable of winning a game despite poor pitching. No off days is so stupid for 7 games.
  4. Atlanta is kinda a tough one... But I think I have to go: Chipper Maddux Glavine Smoltz Honorable Mention: Freeman, Murphy, Andruw Jones... Didn't get to see Aaron play or he'd be there for sure
  5. 5x5 h2h 12 team A gets: T Edman, C Morton, A Houser B gets: J Paxton, J Urias, M Muncy
  6. Thanks for mine, but can't really say without knowing your league settings as this doesn't look standard. I see you said 7x7 but what are the extra cats? maybe format your post a little better to make it more readable too? The offense is decent, your pitching really drops off fast after Flaherty. Although Puk and Whitley could be great longer term keepers depending on keeper rules.
  7. I don’t like the top of your rotation much. I think your low avg guys will drag you down there too but it won’t hurt quite as bad in 7x7. Obviously, you need a closer but again less important in 7x7. its not a bad team but it’s going to be a very volatile one. With some good luck on injuries and a breakout or two it could do amazing but that’s kinda asking a lot. But here’s hoping! High ceiling if it all breaks right.
  8. Keep forever? Is there a minimum number to keep? What type of league? Anything else that might be relevant?
  9. Prefer A but it's reasonably fair.
  10. Offense is great. You have 3 UTIL? Rosario and DeJong are both very underrated right now... McMahon has the potential to be really nice. Love the bench too. Possibly a little light on SB but might be ok. SP is very solid to very good. I think CarMart is being overlooked. RP core is actually quite good imo. Closers are nearly a total crapshoot and you've got 4 so you should be in solid shape. Nice job.
  11. 12 team h2h 5x5 (pro league) C O Narveaz 1B C Bellinger 2B J McNeil SS A Mondesi 3B E Suarez OF JD Martinez / R Laureano / T Edman UTIL K Davis / JD Davis Bench M Andujar / K Tucker SP Clevinger / Darvish / Morton / Gallen / Bumgarner / Cease / Wood RP N Anderson / B Kintzler / S Lugo leave a link!
  12. I’d say taking him in the 3rd with the delayed start is probably about right. [...] He’s a top 10 SP for me.
  13. What does open air vs not matter? You'll still be in close proximity to hundreds of other strangers for extended periods of time. one infected food vendor could literally infect thousands of people at a baseball game just as easily as an NBA game for example. I personally think it's completely 100% inevitable that baseball will be effected. The only question is how strongly and for how long.
  14. This draft was a ton of fun. Everybody knows their stuff and I almost wish this was a real draft for a real league to see who would actually come out on top. thanks for setting this up! I don’t think anyone drafted badly and that almost anyone could walk away with a title here. Invaluable practice for our real drafts for sure. The chat going on in the draft room was great too. i do think that the Fantrax projections are an interesting but flawed way to grade things (although there is no great way). Just for example, I like 6kills team a lot but his project
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