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  1. So I know Benintendi has been awful lately and while his 2020 sample size is tiny, its not encouraging - but with an ADP of 230, is he a value this year? I see warning lights going off by the fact that they are trying to trade him but maybe a trade to a Houston or Oakland or something helps to turn him around? I'm thinking .275 with 15/15 would still be pretty good value for where he is going
  2. Sorry, but the last spot was just taken - i have a $100 5x5 Roto Redraft league drafting on Thursday March 19th if you are interested
  3. We have 10 teams, all paid - just need two more for a draft tomorrow night at 8:15 pm EST
  4. See attached screen shot of league settings - money collected via LeagueSafe - I am not the commish but can forward your information to send an invite - we have 10 teams joined, 8 have paid Snake Draft Draft is Monday, March 9th @ 8:15 pm EST
  5. Sorry, we were jumping the draft date around a bit and i haven't updated it on this post yet but its set in stone for Thursday, March 19th @ 8:30 pm EST - still one more opening as of now
  6. Great, just sent you an invite - we actually decided on Thursday March 19th @ 8:30 pm for the draft time if you can make that
  7. 8 spots left - going fast - lets get this filled - 100% payout, unlike other leagues advertised here, I don't take any cut for commish duties
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