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  1. Is Gonso a game changer in roto if healthy and starting?
  2. Looks like stars aligning for 2 starts unless they throw Odorizzi right in there late next week
  3. 12 tm 5x5 redraft What side you on?
  4. Starting to think rostering Petit may be a smart move
  5. Young catchers can be funny. They cruise along for 3-5 years in MILB just being average then a light goes off and they get power or all of the sudden the hit tool is improved This guy looks like that. Almost like once promoted, he gained confidence, and it shows on every AB. I mean not a stellar add but those just streaming C or with injuries can do much worse
  6. Gotta drop one but worry Romano may get the job back
  7. God I hate giving up on him. Got him everywhere for 2B or MI, I have found some replacements but really wanted him to come through, not so sure now....
  8. As a Yaddy owner with daily movies I added this guy and may keep him with a deep bench. I mean I get the full benefit of the Cards catcher all year which should be some very nice numbers
  9. On a roll and starting frequently is it a trend?
  10. Nah just wanted to get him some work and why not the 9th He will be starting soon
  11. So dude has earned it, thought I would make his final outlook thread On a side not 5 HR and 12 ribeyes are not to bad to start the year and I would say he is startable in most 12 man leagues at Ci at least and he is playing more than most thought at the moment
  12. This fool looks like a quad A player and that’s a stretch!!
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