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  1. Agreed. I would remove OPJ from consideration as well.
  2. I dont think you NEED to make a drop here, but if you must I would drop Bogan for JJJ. Markkenen has been pretty meh all season. But I feel that grizz will bring him back slowly.
  3. My guess is Ben given that the Sixers are playoff bound and 2 back from 4th. Wolves playing for nothing but lotto balls, that'll probably win over Kat's desire to play. If he comes back, I see huge restrictions. Of the guys on the ww, I'd go with Coby White first. Once/if Naz's shot starts dropping he's going to be good but it aint right now. And I dont know if Duncan's pace lately is sustainable, I get the feeling he could cool off soon.
  4. Devin Booker has been playing really well (59.8, 52.6, 47.3 over last three in this league) but only has 2 games this week. Do I still play him over Kevin Huerter (27.9, 41.3, 33.2) who has a 3 game week? Do or die week for me.
  5. Would help to know you team and your league. You are right though, if that's what you need it's going to be hard to replace as easily.
  6. Yeah, Bledsoe it the proven guy and I feel like this is a rough patch though I don't see him having much of a ceiling anymore. The way Nunn has been playing, he's forcing the issue: he needs a bigger role. I think the longer he keeps this up the better his rest of season outlook looks. I think his ceiling is much higher. And his floor looks better right now too.
  7. I would not make any of those trades. I would ask more. Those trades all look like vuc and 6th round + players...not nearly enough.
  8. I think I'd make that trade. Curry seems to get at least one knock a season that keeps him out of games. I like Trae and don't think him cooling off will be much of a deal breaker. He should still be a great guy to roster. Clint helps.
  9. Smart is droppable on that team, and I like nunn, hachimura, Coby. Some young players on teams that should give them more run as the season progresses. Will be nice as the playoffs begin.
  10. Would help to see the rest of your team but I don't know, I'd consider it a wash. LeBron has the higher ceiling but load management and age don't make me excited about him anymore. LMA and Collins are pretty even in my mind.
  11. Try for moranta for sure, but if not if should work for bledsoe.
  12. If you're getting SGA and oubre, make that trade. Don't trade them away for walker. They both look they should have good years.
  13. Yeah, offer sweat Lou straight up for him. That would be a great trade. If not, offer kuzma as well. Both should have the name recognition to hopefully pull it off.
  14. I would drop Ross for Nunn and try to flip teague, try to bank on his name recognition for trade value.
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