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  1. For those still playing next week. Worth looking into the guys playing 5 games next week from Pacers, Bucks, Spurs or Memphis. Johnson Gay Forbes (If players are rested)
  2. https://twitter.com/benshoops/status/1388296963892727809?s=21 If he is out longer I will have to drop.
  3. Are we highly expecting Dort to only play one of the b2b this week and next week. If so are you holding or not?
  4. This may have already helped your decision but Wood is back.
  5. I’m currently #1 for waivers. Mitchell has just been dropped. I’m playing points h2h. Our playoffs just started this week and decent chance to win. Next week will be tough. Is it an easy choice to grab him as he could be back 1st May but then on restricted minutes. Potential drops that could happen this week Fox, LaVine, LeBron if these guys are desperate for the win and the above are still out.
  6. Good on him playing well against his old team. I’m happy to admit I got it wrong so far. I’ve been burnt enough this season holding onto players.
  7. 1 good fantasy game in his last 6 and you’re gloating. I hope he can continue to have 38 minute games.
  8. You should keep him if you feel that way. More then 2 games. Last 3 with Orlando also. His usage has already taken a hit, won’t be anything like he had at Orlando.
  9. Reading the earlier posts is he one to avoid or worth picking up?
  10. I’ve got the option of dropping him for D’Anelgo Russell. Finding hard to drop though with the amount of extra games they have.
  11. Thanks everyone. I will have to pick up Nurkic and drop Kanter. If I propose a trade may trigger someone to pick up Nurkic before I can.
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