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  1. I'm very interested. I've posted a message on the proboards thread
  2. Interested, not done an NL only league before but been looking for one to try it out. paul.athey@nhs.net
  3. I’m interested if there’s still a spot available paul.athey@nhs.net
  4. Accepted. I assume I just select an NL team from those not already taken?
  5. Hi, I'd be interested if there are still any teams available. paul.athey@nhs.net
  6. Finally a league that does involve drafts that start at 3am! I’ve signed up! Paul
  7. I’d be keen to take on Team 1. I’ve been looking for a keeper league with a keeper price escalator like this. Paul sallyathey@hotmail.com
  8. I'll take Bullet Club if it's still open paulathey78@outlook.com
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