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  1. I'm down for one more team! I am very active, love to play, and will not quit! Interested in taking on the team. I have been playing fantasy sports for over 25 years! Diamond-rated on Yahoo if that helps??
  2. Sorry, was doing yard work -I'm in, draft date looks good! Thanks!
  3. Hey, looks like a fun league and would like to join up with you guys. I am extremely active and love fantasy baseball. I am Diamond-rated on Yahoo so will compete to the end! mike.martin844@yahoo DOT com
  4. Hey, I am interested in your league but am curious about keeper values/cost +2. I see Team 1 is still open or have you not updated the team. I am very, very active and love to make and talk trades. I am diamond-rated on Yahoo and will compete to the final day. Let me know as I might be interested in Team 2 if 1 is indeed gone.






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    2. Ghostsurfer


      Hopefully, you guys found another owner,  One of my long-standing leagues is looking like they are also going to draft on your night & both are too competitive to "mail" one in. Your league looks legit and would be a lot of fun, but not for me at this time. Best of luck to all of your teams!

    3. CalledShot


      Hey GS, thanks for the interest. Just sayin'...our draft night is not set in stone as there is a thread to vote for ALL draft dates you can make, MTWTh, and I'll take the best one. We TRY to get 100% attendance and I want the new guys to know that and be ready for it.


      Two, on team selection, I'd respect an owner who took a middle team and won instead of an owner who took the best team and won. Me, as an owner, would be prouder of a championship if I earned it instead of walked into it. OPEN1 had the best keepers of any team in the league by a decent margin. 


      food for thought. If things change on my end, may I PM you later? I may get desperate and move the draft date to accomodate prospective new owners..."LM, do what you can"

    4. Ghostsurfer


      I agree, and I already have several "reclamation" projects/teams going. I am in 6 leagues and four of them are ultra-competitive. I am realizing w/my new schedule that if I join any other league -  I will need something a bit easier and with a lot less oversight.  I should probably pare down to those 4 the more I think about it, but have finally got those two competing for a 'ship. 

  5. Looks like you have some good owners vying for this spot. However, if you are still looking - I am very interested. I have been playing fantasy baseball for the last 20 years and am probably too active. I love to make and talk trades. I have never left a league or quit and will play to the finish. I am Diamond-rated on Yahoo if that counts for anything. No problem w/Discord. Just let me know.! My email is: mike.martin844 AT yahoo.com
  6. Hey, I am interested in your league. Would like to check it out. I am very active and in all of my leagues for the long haul. I love to talk trades and even make a few! : ) Also, I am diamond-rated on Yahoo - if the means anything. Thanks, Mike
  7. Rumor that Freeman may sign w/Jags. It's about opportunity and volume.
  8. Are there any guys following the "opener" tomorrow (Sun. 9/6) that might steal me a win. Desperate in my points league for a W or SV... Much thanks in advance!
  9. Hey, I am looking to joining a free league or two. Very competitive and Diamond-rated on Yahoo. I'll try Team 2 My email is: mike.martin844 AT yahoo.com Y Thanks!
  10. Hey, I am interested in both teams but prefer Team 1. I am extremely active and have been playing for over 30 years. Thanks, Mike Email: mike.martin844 @ yahoo.com
  11. i'll take Team 1 if you still need a very active owner. Playing fantasy for over 30 years. Love this stuff!



    1. superman100679


      I sent you an invite for team 1

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