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  1. LEAGUE RULES SUMMARY2019-2020 NHL KNUCKLE PUCK HOCKEY LEAGUEGENERALLeague Name: Knuckle Puck Hockey LeagueDuplicate Player Allowance: Not UsedScoring System: Head-to-Head Most CategoriesMaximum # of teams: 12SCHEDULEYour league stats begin accumulating on: Wed Oct 02, 2019Your league stats end accumulating on: Sun Apr 05, 2020Merge first n periods of season: 2Merge last two periods of season: NoPlayoffsPlayoffs will begin in this Scoring Period: 23 (Mar 16/20 - Mar 22/20) and last for 3 periods (rounds).Number of teams qualifying for playoffs: 6Reseed each playoff round: Yes* To view the playoff bracket, go to the Standings screen and click on the Playoffs tab.PLAYER POOLPlayer Pool:All teamsPlayers traded out of league's player pool continue to accumulate stats: YesOnly include players associated with a NHL team in the player pool: NoLock Player Pool: NoROSTERSRestrictionsMinimum Total Players: 20Maximum Total Players: 23Minimum Players: 0Maximum Players: 20Maximum Reserve Players: 3Maximum Injury Reserve Players: 4Maximum Minor League Players: 20Prevent any transaction that would cause a roster to become illegal: AlwaysAllow suspended players to be moved to Injured Reserve: YesAllow players on a bye week to be moved to Injured Reserve: NoInjured Reserve players count toward roster limitation rules: NoOnly players on the NHL Injured Reserve List may be moved to the Injured Reserve slot: YesMinor League players count toward roster limitation rules: NoMinor League Eligibility:ConditionConstraintGoalies: Career+Current regular season total GP is >= 20Makes ineligible if metSkaters: Career+Current regular season total GP is >= 41Makes ineligible if metInjured Reserve Enforcement type: NoneProrate Min/Max according to period length: NoPosCenter (C) 4Left Wing (LW) 4Right Wing (RW) 4Defense (D) 6Goalie (G) 2 2SCORINGScoring GroupScoring CategoryAssists (A)Blocks (Blk)Faceoffs Won (FOW)Goals (G)Hits (Hit)Penalty Minutes (PIM)Plus/Minus (+/-)Shots on Goal (SOG)Power Play Points (PPP)Saves (SV)Shutouts (SHO)Wins (W)Goals Against Average (GAA)Save Percentage (SV%)Team Minimum and Maximum Requirements per Scoring PeriodScoring CategoryGames Played - Goalies 3If a maximum has been met or exceeded: Do nothing.If a minimum has not been met by end of scoring period: The team will get a loss for each averaged skater stat (PPG, FO%, etc.) or goalie stat (e.g. GAA, SV%, etc.), depending on the scoring category whose minimum has not been met, for the scoring period.Prorate Min/Max according to period length: NoOther Scoring PreferencesPlayers will always accumulate stats in all scoring category groups: NoStat Correction Handling: No Official Scoring changes will affect your league beyond the default stat freeze time. Official corrections will be applied to your league if they come in within 7 days (168 hours) after the end of that game. Any Official Scoring changes which come in after this time will not be reflected in your league stats/scores and standings.TRANSACTIONSLineupsLineup Change System: Owners enter lineup changesLineup changes are executed: DailyLineup Changes are locked 0:01(hours:minutes) Set amount of time before each player's game of the dayTradesTrade System: Owners propose their own tradesTrading Period: All YearMaximum Trades per Team: UnlimitedTrade Deadline Date:Sat Feb 29, 2020 11:59 PM ESTTrade Voting System: OwnersDays to Vote: 2# of Objections Required: 51%Claims/DropsClaim/Drop Privileges: Owners perform their own claims & dropsMax # of claims per season:UnlimitedMax # of claims per week: UnlimitedUse Waiver Wire process: YesAllow claims/drops before the draft: NoCan't drop list: Not UsedPending claims/drops are viewable by: One's own teamFailed claims/drops viewable by: One's own teamFree AgentsFree Agent Claim System: BiddingFree Agent bids are processed on: Sun ,Mon ,Tue ,Wed ,Thu ,Fri ,Sat at 3:00 am EDTWaiver WireWaiver Wire claim system: Automated Priority OrderRotate Waiver Wire Claim Order After Each Claim: YesWaiver Wire players are processed: After a selected # of Days# of days players remain on waivers for: 2 Bidding SettingsVickrey/Proxy (ebay-style) Bidding: NoBid tie-breaker: Lowest ranked team in the standings wins the bidPlayer claim budget: $100Bid increment: $1.00Minimum bid: $0.00Show highest pending bids: NoShow team with highest pending bid: NoPending claims/drops are viewable by: One's own teamFailed claims/drops viewable by: One's own teamSALARIESSalary Cap: $81,500,000The following will count towards the team salary: Reserves When a team exceeds the salary cap: Prevent team from performing transactionDefault Free Agent Salary: $700,000Minimum Player Salary $700,000When a player is released to the Free Agent Pool, his salary: Becomes the Free Agent Default SalaryDefault Waiver Wire Salary: $700000.00When a player is released to the Waiver Wire, his salary: Remains the sameCONTRACTSContract Type: AutomatedInitial contract duration (years): 3year(s)Allow contract extensions: YesContract option year is after : 2year(s)Maximum length of contract extension 5year(s)For each year extended, salary increases by: $1500000.0When a player becomes a Free Agent, his contract: Changes to3rdWhen a player goes to the Waiver Wire, his contract: Remains the SameWhen a player is drafted, his contract: Changes to1stDRAFTDraft Type: Live Online Auction (Regular & Slow)Draft Budget: $81,500,000Minimum Opening Bid: $700,000Bid Increment: $50,000Undrafted players go to the: Free Agent poolMISCELLANEOUSTie BreakersStandings Tie Breakers1. Most wins in entire season2. Head-to-head record vs. all teams tied with3. Randomly selectedMatchup Tie Breakers1. NonePlayoff Tie Breakers1. Highest SeedKeeper LeagueKeeper league Type: DynastyFeesLeague Entry: $40.00Free Agent Claim: $0.00Waiver Wire Claim: $0.00Drop Player: $0.00Activate Player: $0.00Reserve Player: $0.00Send Player to Injured Reserve: $0.00Move Player from Injured Reserve: $0.00Move Player from Minors: $0.00Send Player to Minors: $0.00Change Position of an Active Player: $0.00Trade (flat): $0.00Trade per Player Received: $0.00Trade per Player Sent: $0.00Illegal Roster (per period): $0.00
  2. League run through FANTRAX. There will be nominal cash prizes for each playoff team and then additional cash prizes as you advance in the playoffs. Exact amounts tbd. Settings will be in the next post.Anyone interested post here or e-mail me at jrfantasysports@gmail.com
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