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  1. I'd pass on Maxey for the sole purpose of him not having much, if any, value after this week. He had a great game and may have several more, but back to his usual role once Philly is back to full strength. Barrett is def figuring things out and will still get better, I don't see him losing too much once Toppin is back cause Barrett is more one of the lead guys on the team that will get his each game. Bazley is also becoming one of the main guys on a rebuilding and shallow team in OKC that I'd rather have over Maxey's one week of fame. Hope this helps!
  2. I got offered Giannis and John Collins for my Kyrie and Christian Wood in a 10tm H2H 11 cat league with double doubles. I'm having difficulty giving up Wood but think Irving's #'s come down a bit but not sure. Also Collins seems concerning at times and not sure he makes up the middle ground of stats lost from giving up two studs. I also have Lillard and Steph Curry but very light on guards after that, but the possibility of getting Giannis is very intriguing. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Also have interest in 5 feet high for a second option or.possible other leagues you mentioned may be available Bkabat7@yahoo.com
  4. Any chance of moving draft back a day? I'd like to join but cant make the draft that night but can the next day at same time, no hurt in asking...
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