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  1. The Tuskers have opened up. All other teams are paid. DM or email me if interested.
  2. Perm Ice Dragons, Nuuk Polar Bears, and Bloomington Beaverjax have been taken. Only the Tuskers and Goats remain.
  3. Ottawa Oxen are gone. You can email me at dummarj@hotmail.com to reserve your team.
  4. Hi guys, I run dynasty leagues in baseball, football, and basketball. One of the members of all three has persuaded me to run a hockey league as well. I am admittedly not the biggest NHL guy, but I enjoy running dynasty leagues and I love the sport, so here we are. All my leagues follow the same general format and are true dynasty's with rookie only drafts. Things that will set this league apart are. Teams names are logos are set. This is a themed league where the team names and logos follow a similar feel. Discord for league communication (the league is already over half filled with outstanding owners from my other leagues) Weekly power rankings with graphics voted on by the league Game of the week with graphics and write up Player of the week honors In season tournaments for FAAB and other in game prizes Captains cup event Division banner and championship ring graphics posted on the home page of the league We have a small buy in. $25 gets you 5 years of dynasty ($5 a year). Champions receive $50 each season in years 1-4 and then $100 in year 5 (this plays to the long-term dynasty aspect of the league) but it's really not about the money with us. It's an ESPN league that's paid through leaguesafe. The best thing I can tell you guys about this league are the people that are in it. It's such a great group of guys and most of them I haven't met in person, but we have become close over the years through these dynasty leagues. A few teams have filled in the time it has taken me to write this so we are down to only a few teams left. Available teams are: Tianjin Tuskers, Perm Ice Dragons, Gothenburg Goats, Nuuk Polar Bears, Ottawa Oxen, Bloomington Beaverjax, but three spots are reserved and waiting for guys to select their team.
  5. Okay Sled Dogs are off the table. Only the Santa Monica Seals remain. email me at dummarj@hotmail.com for invite We are running two in season tournaments for bonus FAAB dollars and draft picks, so most weeks are like a double header, lot's to enjoy in the WDL.
  6. Santa Monica Seals and Anchorage Sled Dogs are the available teams.
  7. 10 of 12 payed before the deadline today, so there are two new spots in this league. If interested, I would need you to pay upon joining. Thanks!
  8. Hey Rob I had a guy email me late last night for the last spot, so we are full, but I will contact you if something opens up. Sorry.
  9. Santa Monica Seals are off the board Only Edmonton Owls remain
  10. Anchorage Sled Dogs are off the board. Remaining teams are the: Santa Monica Seals, and Edmonton Owls. Thanks!
  11. Santa Monica Seals, Anchorage Sled Dogs, Edmonton Owls still available. First year is a standard snake draft, after that we will do a one round rookie draft with non playoff teams getting an additional pick in the COMP round to follow.
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