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  1. I'd have interest in joining- mkmonteath@gmail.com is my email if I can look at the constitution.
  2. You have some good keeper options but Snell is definitely your one. As for Tatis, if you want him I'd either grab him with one of your late round picks if you are struggling to really pull the trigger on someone else you like that late or hope he goes undrafted and snag him off WW. In normal redraft leagues he will probably be ignored and since you only keep two, I am not sure how much focus anyone will put on him looking at next season as a keeper option unless it was really late. Help me out if you can.
  3. I'd keep Correa over AB just because OF is fairly deep and you have Judge and Yelich already. For pitchers, the first four everyone has mentioned and I will go Vazquez over Iglesias. Help me out if you can:
  4. AB and Correa for me. Great value on both. Would be great value on Carpenter as well. Merrifield is a 3/4 round guy for me so right about where he is. Hope that helps. Help me out if you can.
  5. 12 team, Mixed League, 7x7 (H, OPS, IP, QS added). 30 man roster- usual lineup with a 5th OF and extra Util. I need help choosing my final keeper. Already locked in are Berrios (17th rd), Buehler (24th rd), and Dahl (25th rd). I can keep one of these players selected in the first ten rounds of last year's draft. Draft order will be randomly selected after keepers so no clue if I am picking early, late, etc. 3B Nolan Arenado (1st round) 3B/SS Alex Bregman (2nd round) C J.T. Realmuto (9th round) I have gone back and forth on these guys for days now so I tho
  6. I was somewhat surprised that everyone recommend Wheeler over Marquez. I see it as 50/50 honestly. Thanks for the input!
  7. This is pretty much my full team. Everyone else were definitely not an option to keep.
  8. I like Dahl and that Colorado lineup this year. Pretty close to a tossup for me though. Have a second to check out my keeper question?
  9. 12 team, mixed league, roto. I keep 8. Roster includes a 5th OF, a MI, CI, and a 2nd catcher included with the usual starting spots. J.D Martinez- obviously keep J.T Realmuto- with 2 catchers, I think this one is an obvious one Whit Merrifield- definite Daniel Murphy- leaning towards keeping. Expect a big bounce back year, will be eligible 1B/2B/MI/CI. Marcel Ozuna- should hit for a good avg. and help out with HR and RBI A.J Pollock Nick Castellanos Edwin Diaz Blake Treinen German Marquez Zack Wheeler Charlie Morton
  10. Agreed with the post above. I think Suarez is slightly better but at those prices, Chapman is a definite.
  11. I think it's between Morton and Taylor. Depends on who else you are keeping, for me.
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