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  1. It's a very competitive league with a groupme chat. We need one replacement for an owner that ghosted us. We pay for year forward so that when an owner leaves the replacement woner gets a year for free. This year is paid for, but you would need to pay for next year to renew the deposit. (we all paid it upon entry) It ensures that we will be together for a long time. Please read the rules below and if you are interested, please write me jacksonpriceblues@gmail.com. TO PROTECT THIS LEAGUE FOR IT'S FUTURE WE WILL HAVE A ONE YEAR DEPOSIT TO STAY AHEAD ON DUES. $ 40 EVERY YEAR GOING
  2. Contact jacksonpriceblues@gmail.com 1 spot left of the 2 replacement rosters. Once the last replacement is found the rosters from the 2 teams will go into a 2 team 30 round draft held on groupme. After the 2 teams draft their roster there will be another 15 round draft (amatuer / rule 5 draft) with the entire league drafting unprotected players and prospects from last june's draft. One of the abandoned teams has 3rd pick in Am/rule 5 draft so the other team will get first pick in the 2 team dispersal draft. League is at fantrax 5x5 HtoH 16 TM Here are our league rules:
  3. If interested contact jacksonpriceblues@gmail.com The first year is free for new owners, but $40 is required for the second year upon entry. We stay 1 year ahead in dues. Owners who joined initially paid for 2 years up upfront there are great players and prospects in the dispersal draft so you can win now or build for the future. One of the teams was in the playoffs and the other had great prospects so you can build as you choose. i will send you a list of the players available if you express interest. 2 teams ( one now) are available and the rosters from the 2 teams will
  4. yes. I need 2 replacements and I will dissolve the rosters of the 2 abandoned teams for a 2 team draft for the 2 new owners.
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