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  1. So what you're saying is that once teams became aware of him, they eliminated him from relevancy?
  2. Last year Pitt averaged 37 pass attempts per game, and MIN averaged only 28. So the difference between the Vikings' #1 target and the Steelers' #2/3 target is a lot smaller than you might think.
  3. On ESPN, do players become IR-eligible once they are ruled Out for the week? From what I remember they do, but my brain is having trouble remembering this from last season.
  4. It seems like Rogers is a good "cuff" for anyone that owns Coates, or vice versa. Not that Coates had a high draft price, but the original argument on Coates was that Wheaton has had the opportunity to be a #2 before, and didn't do anything with it, so if he truly isn't that good, then the #3/slot WR could be the beneficiary. It's looking more and more like Rogers will be that guy, but they are both very cheap (possibly both FA's), and if you own both then one of them will hopefully emerge as a good fantasy player. That's a very low investment cost for someone that could put up
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