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  1. Sin City Gamblers: http://games.espn.com/fba/clubhouse?leagueId=237361&teamId=4&seasonId=2018 Atlanta Bobcats: http://games.espn.com/fba/clubhouse?leagueId=237361&teamId=6&seasonId=2018
  2. If you send an invite, keep the team on hold for me. My work email usually takes some time to filter through our network of virus protection and whatnot. Ill join in as soon as I see it.
  3. Its my work email and it usually takes some time to filter through the network of virus protection. Keep the team on hold for me and I'll join as soon as it comes up .
  4. I'll take the team called "Dunks J's and Fadeaways" if it is still available. 10 year fantasy vet looking to get outof redrafts and into dynasty/keeper leagues. Addison.Price@ExpresPros.com
  5. I just posted a thread that I am looking to join a dynasty league. 10 year fantasy veteran looking to get out of redrafts and into dynasty leagues. If Team 3 is still available I'll take it! addison.price@expresspros.com
  6. Looking to join a Free ESPN Dynasty League. 10 year fantasy veteran looking to go more toward the dynasty route than redrafts for now on. -Only want ESPN leagues -Has to be Free!! -Any size roster -Any size league -Can be a startup or existing league
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