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  1. Dropped him last night. He currently, has no command, And when he's in the zone, it's in a very hittable location. While he's obviously talented, I just don't see anything resembling consistency. I'm sure he'll have a few ups, followed by other outings that will destroy your ratios. In time, maybe. But, not in 2021.
  2. Unwritten rule.......... compete. Screw all else.
  3. Now, project after the All Star break...........
  4. God bless MLB. The only sport, where the organization benefits, from not playing their best players.
  5. Saw that. Am hoping, he was just really hungry.
  6. How long is Hayes out? What happens to Philip, when he returns?
  7. If it's Monday, I'm in. Scrapps3@yahoo.com
  8. If the auction is any day but Wednesday (have another draft/auction), and the 3 spots are added, I'd join.
  9. If by some chance, it gets moved from 3/31 (have another draft/auction that night), I'd be in.
  10. Similar decision I have to make. Kmet or Smith. Right now, leaning Kmet. Wouldn't consider Fant. Has been a ghost, lately.
  11. I anticipate a great deal of mid field play. So much, that when the gun sounds, the Ravens logo will be unidentifiable.
  12. Disagree. It's telling the king of @ssbag Pederson is.
  13. It's almost if the Eagles watched the Broncos play, and said, hold my beer.....
  14. If you're thinking of starting this guy tonight, and have other unrevolting options, I'd, uh........ swerve.
  15. Hell no. Do not trade an RB2 for an inconsistent, injury plagued Cooks.
  16. Considering the Mixon and Jones news..........
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