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  1. I thought the Turner-Scherzer deal was bad, last night. But, after seeing what the Twins pulled for Berrios, it was an absolute booty blasting of epic proportions. The Nats should be embarrassed.
  2. Big fan, but this dude can drive one to opioids. Sit him, he pitches well. Start him against a lesser opponent, you get booty blasted.
  3. Let's be honest, he stunk it up. However, most top prospects, play more regularly, than getting 5 starts in 10 games. Also, at least in the minors, he had better numbers vs. RHP. So, what do they do? Start him exclusively, against lefties. While it probably wouldn't have made much of a difference, they certainly didn't attempt to make the transition, a smooth one.
  4. Agreed. He's beyond tentative. And when he guesses, he's always wrong. I wouldn't go to Vegas, with this guy. Not one of his at bats, look natural or instinctual. They all look like he's bound by some hidden/restrictive force. He never looks confident, at the plate.
  5. That start will have to wait a day, as he's not in the lineup.
  6. He has started one game, in the last ten days. I know All Star break. And while everyone considers the Rays front office to be Mensa members, they clearly, eff'd this up.
  7. Why was he brought up? He'd be better off, playing every day in the minors.
  8. Makes zero effin sense. I know, Rays and all. But, wtf was the point of calling him up? To sit him behind Walls and Kiermaier? Wander is sitting too.
  9. I think, he needs to have more kids.
  10. Counsell calls Keston into his office. Counsell: Keston, I've got good news and bad news. Keston: Ok, skip. Counsell: We traded for lefty 1B. However, on the bright side, you're in the lineup tonight......... against the GOAT
  11. Just checked. Baby Yordan not available on Yahoo, yet.
  12. First thing this morning, I ever so gently, slid Yordan into one of my OF slots. Why, you ask? Because, I could.
  13. Keston is my Josh Gordon, of MLB. I wasn't expecting to have to deal with this all, so soon.
  14. Dropped him last night. He currently, has no command, And when he's in the zone, it's in a very hittable location. While he's obviously talented, I just don't see anything resembling consistency. I'm sure he'll have a few ups, followed by other outings that will destroy your ratios. In time, maybe. But, not in 2021.
  15. Unwritten rule.......... compete. Screw all else.
  16. Now, project after the All Star break...........
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