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  1. 11 minutes ago, cheezor42 said:

    Stating a couple objective facts that favor Gaunwell as being an excellent sleeper choice is gibberish? You do realize that Gibson wasn’t the starting RB in Washington till injury paved the way his rookie season right?  He was basically going at the end of drafts as a flier buried on a depth chart behind uninspiring vets much the same way Gainwell is.  I never said I think gainwell is better than Gibson nor that he’d have more fantasy value than Gibson.  I simply stated that in college he was so talented that a D1 coaching staff felt it was viable to play him over a guy who is now balling out in the NFL.

    You're absolutely right.  Gainwell is obviously, the superior RB.  I mean, he got more touches at Memphis.  What more information, do I need?  My apologies.  Best of luck, with Arnold Drummond's little brother.

  2. 1 minute ago, cheezor42 said:

    Yeah ok I’ll stop you totally convinced me there.

    Wasn't attempting to.  But, you're speaking gibberish.  Implying that the 3rd down back for the Eagles, was justifiably,  relegating the starting RB for WFT, to backup duties.  It was Memphis.  Not exactly the gold standard for coaching excellence.  They obviously, misused Gibson.  

  3. 1 hour ago, cheezor42 said:

    Don’t worry about the fact that he’s on the shorter side.  He was so good in college that he relegated Gibson to a receiver/backup RB role.  Meanwhile Gibson was drafted 66 overall and Gainwell went 155.  He was punished simply for taking 2020 off for covid.

    He’s the most Kamara-ish RB of this class.  He runs receiver-level routes in addition to the grading out highly between the tackles.  He was the only RB in the class to grade out over 85 by pff in both receiving and rushing.  

    he will be highly involved from the start of the season and will push for more and more involvement as the season goes on as he’s just too electric to keep off the field.  He does things Boston and Sanders can’t and does most of what they can.

    he should not be unrostered in any version of ppr.

    Please stop with the Gibson nonsense.  The Memphis staff, must've been suffering from CTE.  While Gainwell is adequate, he can't hold Antonio's hairy bean bag.

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  4. 1 hour ago, dicka24 said:

    I'm sure I'm not alone, but with Williams I just can't shake the Royce Freeman hype from a couple of years ago.  This feels eerily similar to that year.

    As a UNC fan, I have seen every Javonte carry.  And while I can't give any assurances in regards to PT or workload, he is a much better player than Freeman.  While not a burner, he does an amazing job of slipping or outright, breaking tackles.  Had the highest yards after contact, in the NCAA last year.  Higher than Najee.  Gets every inch possible, on each touch.  Assuming he gets the opportunity, he will produce.  

    And no, I'm not a UNC homer.  I laughed after the Bears traded up for Trubisky.

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  5. Just now, The Big Bat Theory said:

    Nats being Nats again.  Front office is worst in league though Colorado's can give them a run.

    I mean Josh Harrison is a 35 year old utility man next season on a team that has to rebuild from scratch.  Really? You  want to keep him but not try and extend Trea Turner.

    I thought the Turner-Scherzer deal was bad, last night.  But, after seeing what the Twins pulled for Berrios, it was an absolute booty blasting of epic proportions.  The Nats should be embarrassed.

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