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  1. 13 minutes ago, ludawg23 said:

    Don't think they have released Friday's injury report yet since they are west coast but he was LP for Wed/Thu.

    Per this tweet, he is practicing at some capacity.

    Looks like the Chargers are getting some key guys back after the bye.


    Considering the Mixon and Jones news..........


    Denzel Relief GIFs | Tenor

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  2. 38 minutes ago, SharkSwimmer said:

    Chiefs pecking order:

    1)  The big dog himself, running, passing, hero-balling down the field.  Mr. Patrick Mahomes.

    2)  First Team All-Pro TE Travis Kelce.

    3)  CEH.  161 yards rushing?  Thank yew.

    4)  Tyreek Hill.  Jet sweeps.  Deep balls.  Slants taken to the house.

    5)  Hmmm...Watkins when healthy.

    6)  RB grab bag (Darrel, Le'Veon, Darwin, Duane Washington)



    Mahomes doesn't count.  You're just making chit up.  In your initial statement, you embellished.  Just admit it, and move on.

  3. 28 minutes ago, cerealntacos said:

    Traditionally, Zimmer is a run first coach. He wants to run the ball whenever possible.

    This past game script wasn't only the result of the defense, Cousins threw 3 interceptions in the first half. They are going to avoid throwing at all costs, until they are forced to and it really depends on how Cousins performs. 


    For those reasons, I'm considering selling high on him because I could use a top 20 RB.


    While true, their defense is an abomination.  Therefore, I don't think they'll have much of a choice.  But, if someone is willing to pay up, cool.

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