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  1. I see. Am at work, and attempting to get out early. 5:30?
  2. Not a single snap, has been taken. Exhale. I certainly wouldn't take anything a HC says to the media, as gospel. Let things play out.
  3. I'll give you Conner and Carson. But, there is no freakin' way in H-E double hockey sticks, I take Gurley or Johnson, over Taylor.
  4. I just think Taylor is immensely talented. While Mack is a good back, Taylor will be a great one. Taylor is bigger, faster, stronger, and more elusive. While I don't expect Mack, to simply disappear. I do expect Taylor to have 70% of the Colts backfield, by week five. Taylor wasn't a need, yet the Colts moved up in round 2, to grab him. I tend to think, that's a mighty strong endorsement. With the signing of Rivers, the Colts are clearly win now mode. I cannot see them not utilizing the more talented talented back. I could be wrong. Would only be the 4,753rd time.
  5. That was awful. If he believes in Mack so much, he could've gotten him two or three rounds, later.
  6. Shhhhhhh...... I enjoy reading these kind of threads. Am pulling for Gibson, as well.
  7. Your posting privileges have been revoked. Take a lap, McFly.
  8. Alonzo ain't no fool. He knows you're spittin' truth.
  9. He has not. And, I agree. However, he is calling the shots. Therefore..........
  10. At times, Arians sat Jones for Peyton freakin' Barber. It'll be LF's job by week 4, if not sooner.
  11. My only current concern with Drake, is the boot/foot issue. Is he projected to be 100%, week one?
  12. Nonsense. By week 7, Taylor will be dragging his sculpted balls, across Mack's forehead.
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