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  1. 6 minutes ago, Prezkot said:

    Haven't we learned that "older" skill players with poor dispositions & entitlements off the field rarely have a shelf life once they are dumped and branded with "attitude" problems?

    Coaches want their players to have nasty attitudes on the field, but be saints off of it. This adherence to the "rules" is much more important to the inflated egos of the head coaches than any sort of talent one individual player might possess.

    Bell might get another chance if a team feels like it can "tame" him and start him as a GL/COP back and go from there. But his "attitude" problem is branded on him across the league.


    I get what you're saying, but this is Gase we're talking about.  Which makes all coaching comparisons, null and void.

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  2. 30 minutes ago, PisEdiRin said:

    I feel sorry for Adam Gase, I really do. His hands are tied. He's got the 2nd worst starting QB in the NFL behind only Haskins. There's not much any Coach can do when they're tied to a QB as terrible as Darnold. Darnold and his wide open missed throws + boneheaded turnovers is going to get Gase fired.

    Darnold is the biggest problem with the Jets. NOT Gase.


    You feel sorry for someone that makes $2 mil a year, that sucks profusely, at their job?  Yikes.  I'll save my sympathy, for those that might truly deserve it.  

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  3. 10 minutes ago, RoseLin23 said:

    Guys....are we really throwing this cat in our lineups? Who are you starting him over?? I can't imagine most you guys don't have better options? I have Slayton and Cooks. This dude still a better play?

    P.S. I do something silly though, sometimes I'll start a player if they have a nationally televised game since I get to see the whole thing. Good enough reason to start Laviska? Lol


    Are we putting him in our lineups???  Does a cat have an @ss?  Does a hobby horse have a wooden Johnson?

    In order to get him out, you'd have to pry my lap top, from my cold, dead hands.

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  4. 30 minutes ago, Fantasy Gooroo said:

    In one of my leagues, I don't think he will amount to much. Some dum dum drafted him in the late rounds. HAR HAR! I planned to take him but I'm glad I didn't. It is clear that Barber is the superior back and they will likely roll with him. Rookies like him rarely pan out and the hype was outta control. Gibson won't be a factor until next year, MAYBE. Avoid Avoid Avoid.



    In my other league I managed to grab Gibson very late. I think he has a chance to steal some carries and carve out a role for himself. I'm happy to have him at the end of my bench and I have already had an offer thrown my way. I'm not sold on Barber as the long term answer and would like to see how the next couple of weeks play out. It's a matter of jumping on an asset before it catches fire for pennies on the dollar. I think Gibson can be a factor early if he takes advantage of his limited opprotunties. One injury to Barber and I might have something here. 

    Barber, the superior back?

    Christian Bale GIFs | Tenor


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  5. 36 minutes ago, smash10033 said:

    next year.. not listening to ANY fantasy football radio.   All summer the JT hype was mind numbing.   I draft a guy as my RB2... so he can spell Mack.    I want to smash my computer. 


    Not a single snap, has been taken.  Exhale.  I certainly wouldn't take anything a HC says to the media, as gospel.  Let things play out.

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