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  1. That's absolutely, insane. Was there for a four drink, minimum. Under no circumstances, should Mixon ever fall out of the top twenty.
  2. True. However, if possible, never end up sitting on the last player, in a given tier. Made that mistake a few years back. Will not do so again.
  3. Conner and Schuster? You've obviously ingested too much hydroxychloroquine. Take a lap.
  4. Yeah, that's kinda messed up. Same offense, yet different punishments.
  5. Blasphemy! I am all in on Taylor. Not budging. But, your effort was above average.
  6. Act in haste. Repent at leisure. Barring injury, Taylor will finish the year, in the top ten. Yeah, I said it. Come @ me, bro.
  7. I would. But, I always play for upside. Taylor is immensely talented, and think he gets 70% of the work by week 4. Next year, he should go off.
  8. I considered doing the same. But, didn't quite have the stones. Good luck.
  9. Agreed. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Something going on, underneath the hood..
  10. I don't care what issues he had with the FO (not coming at you, fredo). Play the part of an adult, and inform management, you're opting out. This childish nonsense, of disappearing without a word, is so low grade. I hope no organization, pays this piece of garbage, another nickel.
  11. Watching RAJ in 2020, is like getting kicked in the balls by Martin Gramtica, while simultaneously, being struck by lightning, while being eaten by a shark.
  12. You are. However, if he strikes out in his next at bat, I'm dropping him.
  13. Agreed. Oh, he's hitting 9th. Fantaaaastic.
  14. INterested, again. Prefer $75 (if $100 doesn't work for some).
  15. Is just my opinion. And I'll have you know, the next time I'm wrong, will only be the 4,873 rd.
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