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  1. 28 minutes ago, USWAY said:

    I still think Taylor could come into a big role because of a Mack injury. I think the guy has missed games every year of his career. And this coming from a guy that passed on taking Taylor because it was too early when I didn't trust the workload.


    It won't take a Mack injury.  Patience.

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  2. 8 minutes ago, WaiverLooter said:

    The problem with picking him in the late 3rd and early 4th is that comparable running backs around that draft price don’t have to split time with another RB averaging 1000 yards a season for the last 2 seasons. I just did a draft today and he went right before Mostert at pick 60 which I think is about right, maybe a tad too late. If you can get Carson, Conner, David Johnson, or even Gurley if you believe his knees will hold up, at least you know you will be at worst on the favorable side of any rbbc and at best have a workhorse back starting week 1. With Taylor, this is not a foregone conclusion.

    I'll give you Conner and Carson.  But, there is no freakin' way in H-E double hockey sticks, I take Gurley or Johnson, over Taylor.  

  3. I just think Taylor is immensely talented.  While Mack is a good back, Taylor will be a great one.  Taylor is bigger, faster, stronger, and more elusive.  While I don't expect Mack, to simply disappear.  I do expect Taylor to have 70% of the Colts backfield, by week five.  Taylor wasn't a need, yet the Colts moved up in round 2, to grab him.  I tend to think, that's a mighty strong endorsement.  With the signing of Rivers, the Colts are clearly win now mode.  I cannot see them not utilizing the more talented talented back.  I could be wrong.  Would only be the 4,753rd time.  

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  4. 4 minutes ago, Singing in Dwayne said:

    Daniel Jeremiah on Twitter has connections to the Colts and he drafted Mack in the 4th today. Somebody told him that was awful, and he retorted that his friends in the organization love Mack. 

    Looking like an ugly committee for at least the early part of the season, and wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case all year.


    That was awful.  If he believes in Mack so much, he could've gotten him two or three rounds, later.

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  5. 10 minutes ago, Ball So Hard said:

    The hype when something like this happens a week before the season is always insane. Washington still has a bottom 5 O-Line and the WORST starting QB in the entire league. These things don't get better by releasing AD.


    Shhhhhhh......  I enjoy reading these kind of threads.  Am pulling for Gibson, as well.

  6. On 9/1/2020 at 2:18 PM, Thenewwildone8 said:

    Let’s see, 2.09 ERA in 6 months! OMG I was wrong this guy is an ace!!

    Wait, this season has only been a month long and that’s in only 7 games. Well no worries, I’m sure it’s not a fluke. Let’s check out his advanced metrics! 

    3.81 FIP 3.68 xFIP, strikeout rate down from last year, hmmm that sounds like a mid rotation waiver wire player. 

    Well at least he’ll get a ton of wins! Oh wait he’s on a terrible team. 

    Let’s look in a crystal ball:


    Steamer projects a 4.17 ERA going forward and he’s on a terrible team. 

    Verdict: you’re excited because your waiver wire scrub overachieved for 7 games. 


    Your posting privileges have been revoked.  Take a lap, McFly.

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  7. 2 hours ago, Ryansm11 said:

    Felt like it lmaoooo. 12 teamer. Both QB’s and TE’s went in the 2nd round. Sent Mixon tumblin

    That's absolutely, insane.  Was there for a four drink, minimum.

    Under no circumstances, should Mixon ever fall out of the top twenty.  

  8. 1 hour ago, Mustangt125 said:

    Our top 4 backs ended up going for $85+.  Strangely, CMC was nominated first and went for $85, but all of Zeke, Saquon, and Kamara went for over $85.  So sometimes you just gotta pay for the first guy in a tier.  

    True.  However, if possible, never end up sitting on the last player, in a given tier.  Made that mistake a few years back.  Will not do so again.

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