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  1. At this point in their careers, I'll take the mobility of Tannehill, over wrinkled balls Brady.
  2. Was offered Embiid for Doumbouya. I replied, Embiid and what?
  3. Very well said. As a Cowboys fan, I can't disagree with a thing you stated.
  4. Aaron Jones scampering down the left sideline, with 6 minutes left, to overcome a 29 point deficit. And, immediately staring at the lower, right corner of the screen, hoping and praying, the flag icon did not pop up.
  5. Unless this dude comes at an insane discount, he will never by on my roster again. Just too much uncertainty with his targets, and the Seahawks gameplan/scheme, overall. Wilson is a top five qb, yet their staff/offense made him look average, at times. That takes work.
  6. Jameis Hopkins Adams Jones Sanders Hollister Boone (if Cook and Mattisoni are out). If not, AJ Brown.
  7. All I will say is this. Houston will score on Saturday. Are you expecting TB to keep pace with their running game? Winston's volume will be insane. Yes, their WR situation is a concern. But, they do have a few lesser name guys, that can play. OJH will help out also. After this ride, there's no way I'm pulling the plug (with this matchup) in championship week.
  8. Appreciate the info. I am also in a similar situation. Going back and forth between Lockett and Deebo, and I'm no closer to making a decision today, than I was four days ago. I'm looking for something, anything, that points me in a specific direction. I truly have no idea, who I'm going to start. May just flip a coin. Seriously.
  9. As someone that had planned on starting Jameis.......
  10. I'm starting Mixon for the below three reasons: 1. I don't have anyone equal to, or better. 2. He's been very productive, lately. 3. Volume.
  11. My only complaint regarding LaFleur is, his sporadic use of Jones in the passing game. Is no excuse not to get him 4/5 targets a game.
  12. I'm convinced some HC's are more concerned with validating their position/authority, than winning football games. They're all freaking egomaniacs.
  13. If you wanted to jerk off, you simply could've closed the bedroom door. Why you felt more comfortable doing so here, I have no idea.
  14. This mofo is changing the game. Never seen a team, run the ball on a 2 minute drill.
  15. Saints/Panthers - Redzone. Packers/Niners - watched from start to finish. And I agree, SF dominated. But, one target in the passing game, is not nearly enough.
  16. He's the 2nd best receiver on that team. Find a way.
  17. 5 touches in the 1st half, yesterday. I don't get it. Is the most versatile player on the field. Coaches, man.
  18. Agree with you on Zeke and Chubb. Although, I think Kamara's a coin flip. Have him as well, and his usage at times, is downright puzzling.
  19. I disagree. While Jones has certainly laid some turds, due to lack of usage, he's also put up a few monster games, as well. But, it is troublesome not knowing to expect, one week to the next. However, this whole year has been crazy for RB's. There are very few who warrant, utmost confidence.
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