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  1. Espn put him as doubtful. BBM also put as estimate back thursday
  2. Why he took longer than FVV which he has covid symptoms? Man, feels like ages holding this guy? And we know after covid, we will have to face couple rusty / bad games. Look at seth curry, jayson tatum 🥴🥴. We need you back OG
  3. Does anybody worry if he get shutdown or having a fake injury? Magic really suck right now and many of their starters are injured.
  4. March 2nd already hit the 6 weeks mark. So, after ASB should hit the timeline of 8 weeks?
  5. He was fine during his nets game vs Embiid, where he got starting nods. However, Kyrie was amazing at that time, giving all good space, drawing attention and nice passing ball. I'm not sure with Sexton and Garland. Sexton never pass the ball though.
  6. Looks good. All the arrow pointing up
  7. https://www.nba.com/blazers/forwardcenter/after-six-weeks-rehab-mccollum-says-ill-know-when-im-ready
  8. True, i prefer he goes inside for a dunk, gives better fg% rather than took bad shots. However, true, his usage should go high with beasley and D-Lo out of the pictures.
  9. Thanks for adding the source. I think a little pessimistic from the coach? Probably 2-3 weeks after asb?
  10. Injured (left foot fracture) McCollum will be re-evaluated on March 2. He has started some light on-court work but doesn't appear close to a return. “He’s not doing much,” coach Terry Stotts said. “Whatever you’ve seen him do on social media is about all that he is doing. The rehab is going well, they are pleased with the way the foot is healing, but there is really not much more to it than that. I mean, he’s not running, stationary shooting. He needs to let it run its course.”
  11. Can the new coach fix his shooting selection or his shooting technique? Damn he is a fg% destroyer.
  12. One word .....AMAZING 😍😍 10/10 catalyst to my Anthony Edwards and Kemba Walker on FG%
  13. Basketballmonster already moved his return date to 4rd march 2021. Are they just pessimistic or what?
  14. Basketball monster put him on the 26th Feb 2021. His reevaluation should be this coming week. So i guess, this week + 2 weeks re-conditioning.
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