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  1. I like your positive attitude. He hits 50... we win our leagues. My week ends 2morrow pending results: week 1: 2 HRs 48 to go
  2. I love JT (red bird) it’s what I call him, he’s always been a professional hitter. If u have the ability and depth to play the platoon game with him he absolutely smashes LHP. This schedule has been filled with them, as he runs into more RHP it’s ok to respectful ask him to take a seat on ur bench. but there isn’t any1 besides him...who is enjoying this ride more!!!
  3. Ok so I have two for you, both r gonna make u say eww but I have a hunch again... Trevor Williams- maybe alil chip on his shoulder vs his old ball club Mike Foltynewicz- saw something saying that the Padres offense right now isn’t seeing right handlers as well. Last night most of the damage was done off a lefty reliever. Hey, it’s Sunday...go out and win your week!
  4. 2 homers a week from garver is top 3 catcher stuff. and to think guys in my league were hating mitchy when I picked him. But u know what they say “you gotta get ur guys”
  5. I have a hunch Nick Pivetta shoves and some how the Red Sox come away with the win. call me crazy...
  6. I’m starting him today over Mitch Garver, let’s see what happens and maybe he runs into a few 😉 😉
  7. If u drafted Kirk as ur starting C, shame on u. If u picked him up as a FA or a late round draft pick that cost u nothing and can stash continue to stash. He can hit...just remember why u got him. Spot starts with good bat skills and major upside in a trash heap called catcher position.
  8. Yeah, I’m a huge fan. U hit every single thing I absolutely love about him. When it started “he’s so ELITE” thats all u needed to know. Owned him in dynasty now for awhile...hopefully I get him one bc he deff deserves it.
  9. Yeah doesn’t make any sense. Kid comes in hits a bunch of dongs. They play match ups. Getting pulled mid game is a confidence killer. I think I may be out as well.
  10. Some1 dropped him in my league, I’m tempted to pick up for the playoff run. I get it he’s 0 for his life time right now. But his schedule coming up isn’t great. He’s time could be coming. Starting with snell 2morrow. Just a hunch.
  11. He’s been pitching great, ride the wave. I added him a few weeks ago. His stuff is always electric. And he’s a much better streaming option than most.
  12. At this exact moment sure, but Lindor is in the basement. Can’t wait to see his ceiling.
  13. It’s only just begun. He’s #1 SS for a reason.
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