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  1. Looking for: Draft tonight $20-30 through leaguesafe Snake draft 10 or 12 team ESPN preferred, but yahoo is fine too Let me know!
  2. Still looking? I would like to join edit: sorry nvm thought it was snake draft
  3. btw you can delete bm.escobar28@gmail.com as an owner on LeagueSafe. I paid with my other email
  4. nope, only got the invite from espn. can you try again? or post the link on the league message board?
  5. I’m in, where’s the leaguesafe link?
  6. Hey bro I’m ready to pay I just haven’t gotten an invite still, try sending it to the two emails I put up there
  7. Send again? Never got it. marvin-escobar@hotmail.com or bm.escobar28@gmail.com if still available
  8. Still looking for one? Draft tonight? marvin-escobar@hotmail.com
  9. Any spots? If so: marvin-escobar@hotmail.com
  10. If we have trouble filling up 12, i'm down to roll with 10. Also, what do you guys think about changing two of the P spots to RP?
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