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  1. trh69dodge@live.com Going to bed soon so I might not accept until morning.
  2. Its fair in dynasty. Short term Manny side wins Long term Lux/Witt side more than likely wins. The question you have to answer is. Are you playing to win this now or down the line?
  3. I would go Bohm because with your other keepers you are in a position to win this year and he is the most likely to help you this year.
  4. No Ozuna can't play the field anymore so if the NL does not keep the DH his long term value is poor.
  5. Acuna. One of the best players in baseball and if your team tanks then you can trade him for someone better than Anderson.
  6. No. Your losing a top 3 guy and the guys your getting are not that much better than the guys your debating on keeping.
  7. Honestly its fine. Its not perfectly balanced, but what trade is?
  8. Ship that overrated cheesesteak.
  9. It would be a good deal for you. Your basically trading two one year wonders for a guy that has top 20 potential.
  10. Sorry I misread. I thought you meant taking Cole or Degrom at 9 and the other on the turn if they were there.
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