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  1. Doesn’t sound good for him to play at least this week.
  2. So you would give up Ridley for Julio right now?
  3. So Lenny is going to come into camp a week before the season starts, learn a very complicated playbook with Arians and Rojo won’t be the starter? Seems legit.
  4. He’s good but he throws up the crosses fingers emoji lol
  5. I’m debating whether or not to start him, hate Thursday games. If I start him he will put up 0 and if I sit him he will have 20 plus. Because fantasy
  6. Up by 28 and he has Keenan and Henry left and I have Mikey Williams, not liking my chances.
  7. Wasn’t Cincy weaker competition? And he still put up 19.
  8. He looked good yesterday but like everyone said that o line is horrible and Goff is not helping with his horrible play either.
  9. We do know there are 8 more games to be played right?
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