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  1. I would make this trade if you can pick up Gallup. He's had a slow start but I'm optimistic that he will rebound. You definitely need some help at RB.
  2. OBJ for sure. Cleveland will get Mayfield out on the run with play action against Washington's stout front 7 and should hit some deeper balls to OBJ.
  3. McKinnon. Talent will play this week in what will likely be a tighter game than projected.
  4. There is an obvious downgrade from Cooper to Lamb although you have to factor in that Cooper will likely get hurt at some point. I feel like Mostert more than makes up for this and will only miss a week or two at most.
  5. 12 team 0.5 ppr league. Looking to upgrade on Wentz and have a couple offers to consider. I feel like Jacobs is a lot to give but my RB depth is pretty good and I'm done with Wentz/Eagles passing game (had him second half of last year as well). Give: Carson Wentz and Josh Jacobs Get: Lamar Jackson and Darius Slayton/Joshua Kelley or Give: Josh Jacobs and Jerick McKinnon Get: Patrick Mahomes and CeeDee Lamb My Team: Carson Wentz Josh Jacobs, Jonathan Taylor, Kenyan Drake, Raheem Mostert, Jerick McKinnon, Tevin Coleman, Jeff Wil
  6. I'd take this. You have Henry to fill in as your TE and Evans becomes an excellent WR2 and then FLEX once Adams returns. Evans is one of those players that can win weeks singlehandedly.
  7. I'd go with Allen. Greater chance for 10+ catch games.
  8. I would take that deal. Jones > OBJ and Chark is roughly equal to Diggs IMO.
  9. Your team is good for a 14 teamer but I don't think you have the depth to do either of those trades. I also don't trust the health of Kamara.
  10. Ingram. The Chargers OL is terrible and won't be turned around within this season. Thanks for helping on mine.
  11. Am I crazy for even considering this? Give: Bell Get: Mack and NE D/ST I know Bell's schedule opens up starting this week and I know New England's schedule is about to get tougher (but you can only play the team that's put in front of you)... Regardless, I'm having a tough time gauging the value of NE D/ST and whether or not they are worth the drop from Bell to Mack. Thoughts? WHIR.
  12. I have to ask just out of genuine curiosity, what string of events leads to having this roster in a 10 team league? Cook, Chubb, Julio, Hopkins, Kelce are all 1st/2nd rounders and your depth is solid too??? Impressive.
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