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  1. I'm team Rando! Akers will be a league winner or bust!
  2. No news is bad news, think they rest him this week and then there's the Bye...
  3. Also it's a night game - if it's Dalton, Dalton at night is normally UGLY!!!!
  4. The Eddie Jackson vulturing was a wild ride - my Robert Woods fumbled, could have put my David Montgomery in position for a score but got vultured by MY Eddie Jackson who I have as well (it's IDP lol!)!!! Gave me the win. Anyway back to the topic, agreed that Montportunity is pretty meh now, but I'll take approx 10 points weekly from him at least
  5. Scotty is a great plug and play this week with Godwin out! Just keep in mind that he expires after this week with the return of AB and then possibly Godwin back as well. Do you like Dez with Bmore?
  6. I agree on all counts! he was dropped in my league before yesterday's game and now I'm debating how much FAAB to drop on a valuable bench guy like this!
  7. I wouldn't be so hasty to blow much FAB on Jamycal. Even if Colonel Mostert is out a few weeks, Tevin Soul Man will be back soon, not leaving much for Hasty.
  8. Could be time for Goedert as a top-3 TE if he's able to come back this week!!!
  9. Agreed! I just bought him super low! Fingers crossed that the injury isn't long-term...
  10. Tons of receptions and yards but not many TD's - he's Andre Johnson at RB!
  11. clearly Mattison is the top add of the week [...] Even if Cook is only out this week vs Atlanta it could be a solid one week add...
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