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  1. Darn! Was hoping to finally build a team around Luka since I’ve never been able to own him in any league lol.
  2. If Mac’s team is still available I’ll take that one! I’m active as all hell lol chrisballejos@gmail.com
  3. I was in this league, then all of a sudden it disappeared from my app. Did I get kicked out? Last I heard is we were waiting to fill it?
  4. I love this! I’m interested. Here’s my email. ChrisBallejos@gmail.com
  5. I’m interested and as active as they come man! When would entry fee be due? I’m still catching up from Christmas... but feel free to email me more info! ChrisBallejos@gmail.com
  6. Dude. lol this is perfect for me! I’m extremely active and love talking s--- Count me in! ChrisBallejos@gmail.com
  7. Please send me info and available teams to chrisballejos@gmail.com! I’m a very active owner looking for a great Dynasty league
  8. I’ve joined a couple only to be let down by owners not being very active. I love to work on my team year round, so if you have an opening in an active dynasty league, please let me know! I can assure you I’ll be the most active guy in your league.
  9. I’m really interested in taking over this team if it’s available sir!
  10. I’m an extremely active owner who’s looking to join a dynasty league. I’ve been in a dynasty baseball league for 5 years now and love it, so now I want to start playing dynasty football as well! I don’t mind if it’s a free league as long as it’s an active league, but I’m also up for it being a money League. I don’t mind having to take over a bad team either. Like I mentioned, I’m extremely active and I feel I could be an asset to any league. Please email me if you have any openings! Thank you! chrisballejos@gmail.com
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