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  1. Just saw the commercial so sharing it with those who haven't. Leave Hollywood for the off season & happy he didn't get injured while picking up the kid playing 3rd base.
  2. "Taylor Rogers is receiving another opinion, Rocco says. "He also has received an opinion to take a conservative route not to have a procedure on his finger. I do believe Taylor is leaning in that direction, but I don't want to say anything definitive until we have more." "Rocco said his initial expectation was that Rogers would miss the rest of the season with the finger issue -- described yesterday as a problem with the pulley tendon -- but doesn't want to totally rule that out until the Rogers and the Twins have all of the information." https://twitter.com/dohyoungpark/status/142
  3. Not a trade but good job by everyone on this thread !!!
  4. No joke, I'm surprised this site didn't crash today. Thank you all for the props & I posted this on another thread. For me, the posters on this forum are the go to source for getting the news into the different threads whether via posting links from team beat writers, national writers (Jeff Passan, Ken Rosenthal etc) or things posters heard on their team's pre or post game shows that other posters later confirm. The posters here are steps ahead of Rotoworld/ NBC. Thank you again.
  5. Haven't seen anything else yet. Still looking.
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