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  1. People talk up all the QBs and WRs playing in the current NFL like they are all better than the players of the past, I say take these gloves off and these guys don’t get nearly the same production. Gloves have ruined the game.
  2. Brady has plenty of experience in the cold and snow!
  3. And he’s also good at kneeling. I’m sure his grandfather is so proud
  4. He should have improved his passing in the offseason. He’s the 2nd best RB on the field today though
  5. Lamar best RB on the field tonight and 2nd best QB to Andy Dalton,, yeah mvp my arse.
  6. Love Alex Smith as a person but holy sh.. capt checkdown is horrible since he can’t scramble for first downs.
  7. Unless they draft one they aren’t getting a FA with a future there in Balt.
  8. I did say it last year just like I said. Every gimmick works for a minute and after the adjustment period. Said gimmick is back to being very ordinary. Lamar is a very talented guy but a very bad thrower of the ball. In fact he’s cam 2.0 Speed , power and no touch. Now please tell me what FA WR thinks it’s a good idea to play with a QB like him.
  9. I said it all last year and it will always be the case . No quality WR will ever want this guy to be responsible for their future. Maybe a guy that has been left outside looking in would like to be there blocking for Lamar but Nobody nor their agent would try to pair up with Lamar.. the ravens should use 4TE every play and just keep trucking teams. Not a smart team on any level. All can say is they better draft well
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