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  1. starting K Ballage at Flex over Swift... damn i was really looking for Swift going off vs HOU. HOU gets trashed on by PPR receiving running backs, and with Detroit WR injuries, Swift was going to EAT!!!!! BUMMER
  2. i just need this BUST to show up next week vs Dallas in the playoffs. I've been benching him for a rookie QB waiver pick up, Herbert the last 3 weeks(edit 4 weeks). DEFENITELY not starting Lamar at Pitts.
  3. Fitz magic with a rushing touchdown today. MARK THIS POST
  4. annnnnd #2, ok boys, its been fun. see yall next week
  5. 2 rushing touchdowns. he is back baby. calling it.
  6. This is why i stopped playing fantasy football. Its been taken over by sports gambling (vegas, fandual, deaft kings etc etc....). Stop wasting your time....these people really wait for all your lineups to be made, for them to change the playcalling to their advantage. Perfect example tonight....who the hell is Pringle???? bet you he is a very select # of suspect lineups, stealing all your moneys lol. #facts. Give up, this this is beyond Rigged.
  7. This guy pitches scared. Every freaking pitch is outside....outside fastball,outside change up. I don't understand the game calling. Its simple when You keep throwing outside so much, the hitters just keep looking outside. Dude throws outside so much that the hitters recognize right away when the pitch is in and react , and crush it like tonight. The talent is there, but damn MIX IT UP. He should study some old Tom glavine tapes, tom wasn't overpowering like Erod, but he mixed things up.
  8. Chi Sox fans should chant "eloy" at the games like someone suggested a few posts ago.
  9. So what is the final word of the call up?
  10. I'm with you, i'm holding until at least 1 week into sept. Still can't believe Sox are pulling this bs. I think his agent made things worse calling them out.
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