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  1. I'm not sure why yall decided now would be a good time to get on his case. Especially considering Devers is sitting at 271 and this could go either way. Devers still has no idea how to hit a fastball, its insane. He also is a real headcase and there's not a lot of consistency with how and when he decides to swing. He's like Vlad Guerrero but not nearly as good. I see big things for him as he matures but he's really gotta work on his ability to hit the high fastball otherwise he'a dead duck.
  2. Yea, he's back, no surprise here. The book on him right now is high cheese he seemingly can't catch up to. Not sure why pitchers continue to throw him mid to low which he muscles out. He's one of the strongest hitters in the game and he's only like 15 years old. Future is bright.
  3. Chasing pitches outside the strike zone and missing ones that he would normally crush. I understand he's frustrated with the lack of video scouting in games but man, he looks completely lost.
  4. [Devers] 2 run shot to dead center. I look forward to seeing how this plays out.
  5. Zero chance this happens. I'll wager $100 on devers batting 270 or above, minimum.
  6. So the guy who batted 310 with 900 ops last year just can't figure it out all the sudden? [...]
  7. Couldn't disagree with yall more. Devers is a stud and you guys are overreacting. Will be watching this thread closely to see where all the criticism is when he gets above 300.
  8. Insane. I'd go as far as to say still underrated. Ball jumps off his bat like no other. Give it a game or two and come back.
  9. Today - 4/5, HR, 2 Doubles, 4 RBI. Absolute monster.
  10. He doesn't have to be Trout to make top 10. It's clear he's going to eclipse 200 hits and his average hard hit rate is Top 10 in MLB. He's also like 12 years old and not even close to his prime and somehow he's the best hitter on an already loaded lineup. Top 10 is absolutely feasible.
  11. Neris on the IL. They used Nicasio in the 9th but he blew it. It'll be interesting to see who they go with but I'm going to see if Pivetta gets lucky in the next few games.
  12. He's hitting .322/.365/.489 so far in June. One of the sweetest swings you'll see in a favorable ballpark in a favorable lineup. Ultimate buy low IMO if you need SB, average, hits, runs.
  13. Baldelli is a fool. Smeltzer was clearly struggling all game. GET HIM OUTTA HERE.
  14. He's had good success against Hudson before so that helps. His first double he missed a HR by a few feet. I'll give it another game or two before I declare that he's "heating up" but so far so good.
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