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  1. Bell said Gurriel came up and he wanted Iglesias to come in when the game is more important. That simple. iglesias still the closer but Bell is going to use him when the game matters most which could be the 8th and that will open up some saves for Lorenzen(or possibly others).
  2. This is my best guess. Iglesias will pitch 8th or 9th depending on what's coming up in the batting order in 1 run games. Houston had 4 and 5 hitters coming up with 1 on. I'm guessing Bell considers that a higher leverage situation. I think Iglesias is still the closer but clearly Lorenzen is going to get some chances and Lorenzen has looked great in back to back saves. He reached 99mph last night and consistently hit 97-98. He's a great athlete with a good head on shoulders. I know Bell likes to occassionally use him in the outfield and to pinch hit.
  3. Lorenzen bottom of 9th, Reds leading 4-3 Batter 1(White) high fastball ball 1, foul ball, 97mph a little low ball 2, Ball 3, 98mph fastball popped up to 1st. Out 1 Batter 2(Tony Kemp) 97mph fb misses away, 97 misses away ball 2, 98mph strike, 95mph swinging strike, 87 changeup grounder to pitcher. Out 2 Batter 3(Reddick) 97mph strike, 95mph ball high, grounder to short. Out 3. Lorenzen gets back to back saves.
  4. Start of the Bottom of 9th. Reds leading 4-3. Lorenzen is pitching. Wow
  5. Scratch that. Lorenzen is now warming up in the bullpen.
  6. Iglesias 8th inning. 1st batter(Gurriel) 2 nice breaking balls for strikes. 1 97mph fastball for strike 3. 2nd batter(Chirinos). wild pitch, runner advances to 2nd. another ball. 2 breaking balls for strikes. breaking ball strike 3. 2 strike outs. No one warming up in bullpen.
  7. Iglesias is coming in Bottom of 8th 1 out 1 on, Reds leading 4-3.
  8. I wish they would have asked Bell why he brought Iglesias into the game in the 8th inning instead of Lorenzen? Would it had not made sense to bring Lorenzen in the 8th and save Iglesias for the 9th? I think this is the exact situation that Iglesias was not happy about when he lodged his original complaint. What Bell did last night worked, but I think it's a fair question would Iglesias have gotten the save in the 9th had he not been brought in for the 8th?
  9. Iglesias is the closer and not losing his job. Iglesias admitted his command was off due to not pitching for 7 days. Lorenzen did look great finishing the game off.
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