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  1. Stick with Kelenic. Especially if in a keeper. But, even in a redraft I would hold onto him. Good Luck
  2. That is good to know. Glad it worked out for your league. Good Luck
  3. I have Paddack and am trying to remain patient with him. Will give him another 2-3 starts before making a decision. Give him a little more rope Good Luck
  4. It's coming soon to your neighborhood!
  5. Drop Joc and Duvall for Cutch and Luzardo. Good Luck
  6. Luzardo in a dynasty. I kept Luzardo over Moncada in a 3 year keeper league. I think Luzardo is going to be a top ace if he stays healthy. Good Luck
  7. Team 1 has best set of keepers. Marte, Bichette, Hiura, Smith, Bauer, Snell Good luck
  8. Im keeping him as a 10th rounder this year. Counting on a rebound. Also at a good price.
  9. Manny is the clear choice. Good Luck
  10. Hines if you need higher ceiling. Duke if you need safe floor. Good Luck
  11. Standard scoring with 4 pts. per TD Watson HOU @ TEN Minshew JAX vs. DET My gut says Deshaun Watson @ TEN over Minshew. But the kid is coming on strong. What do you think? Will help on yours.
  12. Who is better for ROS? Marquis Brown Deebo Samuel
  13. Last night I put 3 waiver claims. Fournette, Robinson, Freeman in that order. Fournette was dropped just before game time sunday. Thanks for your help.
  14. My top two RB are now Jacobs and A. Jones with Singletary as primary backup. Available on WW: L. Fournette TB, D. Freeman FA (NYG?), M. Davis CAR, J. Robinson JAX, M. Brown LAR I am leaning toward Fournette or Freeman. Who would you pick up and who would be your top 3 choices. Will help with yours
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